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red beans and rice recipe

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I’m a busy mom of 2 young girls and the struggle is real. Most nights I’m trying to get dinner on the table while either holding a child or having them clutch my leg as I chop veggies.  Dinner doesn’t happen at my house if it isn’t fast and easy.

With that said, I’m also an unabashed foodie and I don’t want to eat joyless food. I want inspired meals that are truly enjoy. How does a girl make this happen?  Enter my friend the instant pot! This kitchen tool has changed my life making it possible for me to make meals like coq au vin in 30 mins as opposed to the 3 days it traditionally takes.  I have talked up the instant pot to my friends only to learn later that they barely used it and weren’t having the same success in their kitchen’s.  This inspired me to start showing busy moms, just like myself, how to use this tool to put gourmet meals on the table in under and hour and with minimal clean up.

In addition to healthy meals I also want my children to be citizens of the world. I have personally found no better way to experience other cultures than through their foods. I want my children to have an open mind and an open pallet so I expose them to a variety  textures, vegetable and flavors.

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