Asian Style Tacos with Ginger Miso Slaw

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Asian Style Tacos

Combine the flavors of East and West with these Asian Style Tacos. These tacos are quick easy flavor bombs that can be made quickly for a healthy weeknight dinner.  Asian Style Tacos | Ginger Miso Slaw These Asian inspired tacos are a flavor explosion and an Oh-so- easy weeknight dinner. You can make a whole chicken … Read more

Roasted Vegetables Provence with Polenta

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Roasted Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are roasted with olive oil till tender and cartelized. Then served over polenta with a red pepper sauce. This meal is light and reminds me of the summer flavors of France.  Roasted Vegetables Provence | The flavors of summer This recipe combines all the classic flavors of southern France in an easy-to-make meal. The … Read more

Ribollita | Instant Pot Italian Bean Soup

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Ribollita Instant Pot Soup

Enjoy this rustic Italian Bean Soup made in the Instant Pot. It’s full of rich broth, fresh vegetables and white beans. Ribollita | Instant Pot Italian Bean Soup Ribollita is a classic white bean Italian soup. Every region has a slightly different versions and it’s one of those rustic peasant dishes that is a taste of home … Read more

Instant Pot Jeweled Quinoa | Couscous

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Instant Pot Quinoa

For a gluten free option substitute couscous for quinoa. It has a similar texture and flavor but none of the gluten. In this recipe we make a jeweled quinoa that is a perfect base for middles east dishes. Gluten Free Couscous | Jeweled Quinoa Quinoa makes a great substitution for couscous. In this recipe we add, … Read more

Lobster Risotto in the Instant Pot

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Instant Pot Risotto

This Instant Pot Risotto tastes like it came from a restaurant and took hours of stirring but in truth it only takes a few minutes in the Instant Pot.  Lobster Risotto | No Stir Risotto Anything with lobster is decadent and indulgent. I love making something so fancy in the Instant Pot. Shrimp is just as delicious and … Read more

Kafta Kabobs with Jeweled Rice

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Kafta Kabob

These meat kabobs made with ground meat and a flavorful spice blend. It’s paired with jeweled rice and cucumber yogurt sauce. This menu was developed for a private party event. It is very flavorful and easy to prepare.   Kafta Kabobs | Ground Meat Kabobs These ground meat Kafta kabobs are popular throughout the middle east. Sometimes they … Read more

Instant Pot New England Clam Chowder

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clam chowder recipe

This New England Clam Chowder is rich and creamy with tender clams. In this recipe we use a mix of canned and fresh clams.   Instant Pot New England Clam Chowder | Fresh Clams Nothing says warm winter dinner like a big bowl of chowder. This creamy clam chowder is made in the Instant Pot … Read more

Apricot Chicken Tagine in the Instant Pot

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Chicken tagine

Tagine is usually cooked slowly for hours but in this Chicken Tagine Recipe we make everything quickly using the instant pot but don’t compromise on flavors.  Apricot Chicken Tagine | Instant Pot Moroccan Recipe I love Moroccan food. I love the blend of exotic spices with dried fruit, sliced almonds and melt in your mouth tender morsels of … Read more

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