Lobster Risotto in the Instant Pot

Instant Pot Risotto
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This Instant Pot Risotto tastes like it came from a restaurant and took hours of stirring but in truth it only takes a few minutes in the Instant Pot. 

Lobster Risotto | No Stir Risotto

Anything with lobster is decadent and indulgent. I love making something so fancy in the Instant Pot. Shrimp is just as delicious and you can even use a mixture of the two.

In my mushroom and butternut squash risotto recipe I explain that even though this is made in the Instant Pot it is not any way sub-standard. The Instant Pot does an amazing job of producing restaurant quality risotto that tastes as though it was slaved over for hours. This Lobster Risotto is no exception.

The key ingredient to excellent risotto has to do with the stock. This is the ingredient that adds most of the flavor and silky texture. When it’s possible to find lobster tails to use for stock when making this dish it really kicks up the seafood flavor. I use my instant pot for making the stock and it extracts the lobster flavor form the shells. To do this you would need to cook the lobster and then remove it form the shells and sit aside. Then make a stock in the Instant Pot by cooking the shells for 30 mins. This will give you a nice flavorful lobster broth.

Sometimes though it’s hard to find affordable shelled lobster. I can usually always find small frozen lobster pieces at Costco or Trader Joes. So when this is my only affordable option, I use the best stock I can find or make. I like to make duck stock from scratch for this, but you can also use a high quality chicken stock.

The options for making delicious risotto are endless and the process is the same in each recipe. The only difference is in a recipe like this we will cook the seafood in the residual heat left in the pot at the end of cooking the rice. We do this because fish cooks and were we to do it in the Instant Pot under pressure we would nuke our precious lobster.

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Tori Sellon

Tori Sellon

I hope you enjoy the recipes you find here. I'm passionate about developing creative recipes that can be easily followed and enjoyed by all.

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