Easy Pad Thai

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Restaurant quality Pad Thai is easier than you think.  In the time in takes for door-dash to arrive you can make am amazing Pad Thai all on your own.

Easy Pad Thai | Easy as Take Out

Pad Thai is one of those dishes that’s like magic. By that I mean when I taste it isn’t not something you can pick the flavors out of and dissect the way I do other dishes. The flavors mix and merry to the point where they are no longer their individual tastes but something new and different. Each ingredient is something bigger and better in the mix than it could ever be on it’s own. Because of that for a long time I was intimidated by Pad Thai thinking it must be very complicated.

However once I learned the ingredients I found that it is shockingly simple. In the time it takes order take-out you can be well on your way to making an easy and excellent Pad Thai.

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