Apricot Chicken Tagine in the Instant Pot

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Tagine is usually cooked slowly for hours but in this Chicken Tagine Recipe we make everything quickly using the instant pot but don’t compromise on flavors. 

Apricot Chicken Tagine | Instant Pot Moroccan Recipe

I love Moroccan food. I love the blend of exotic spices with dried fruit, sliced almonds and melt in your mouth tender morsels of meat. These dishes usually take hours to prepare so imagine my delight when I realized I could make something that tasted really authentic but using the Instant Pot.

Here are a few notes about this recipe.

Notes: I use Quinoa instead of traditional Couscous be- cause it is very similar in texture and flavor but is gluten free and allergy friendly. Feel free to use Couscous in- stead.

I also use Chicken thighs because I prefer their texture and flavor, but chicken breast or even lamb can be substituted.

Ras El Hanut: This is a spice blend found at middle eastern or gourmet markets.

Harissa paste: Hot pepper paste common in Moroccan food. Available at Trader Joe’s and other gourmet markets.

Vegan Option:

Replace chicken with butternut squash and chickpeas. Cook for 3 mins under pressure. Follow all other directions as below.

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