Brie Smothered Potatoes Gratin

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Follow this recipe for a creamy potatoes gratin or scalloped potatoes made with baked brie.  This dish was developed as a wine paring recipe for WTSO. Find great wine deals at www.wtso.com  Use code: BONVIVANT to save $10.

Brie Smothered Potatoes | Potato Gratin

This is an Americanized version of a French dish called Tartiflette which is made with reblochon cheese. Unfortunately, reblochon is considered illegal contraband in the US, and because of this, I opt for the much more easy to find brie cheese to make these potatoes gratin.

In France this is enjoyed as a main dish. However the American eater can’t usually survive the guilt of consuming an entire dinner of cheese drenched potatoes, so in this version we prepare it as a side dish or appetizer perfect to enjoy with a glass of wine. Know that if you so desire, you can make this in a large casserole as a dinner main. To do that, simply double the recipe. If you do decide to make a meal of it, it pairs very well with a bitter green salad like arugula and a tangy vinaigrette.

One of the best things about this cheesy delight is the top crust that is formed by the skin of the brie. The heat from the oven toasts it to a crispy texture while the creamy cheese below melts into all the crevices of the potatoes below. I like to think of this as the fancy French cousin of Mac and Cheese.

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