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Not Your Average Pumpkin Recipe | Instant Pot Pumpkin Mole

I am one of those people that love pumpkin spice season and making pumpkin recipes. However I’m not a huge fan of pies, or sweets. I love using pumping in savory and unexpected ways. Pumpkin is native to Mexico and it’s a prefect pairing in this mole sauce. I think recipe is shockingly good and so easy. Get ready for this recipe to knock your socks off!


Pumpkin Mole with Chicken Recipe

I developed this recipe many years ago for my mother-in-law. She loves Mexican food and brought me a pumpkin one day and I wanted to make her something special with it. One of my favorite Mexican dishes is Oaxacan Black Mole. It is complex and subtle in it’s flavor but warm and spicy in the way you would expect a Mexican dish to be. I started to wonder how all those warm flavors like almonds, chilis, cinnamon and cloves would pair with pumpkin. This was in the early days of google and when I looked it up it seemed there were mole sauces made with pumpkin but there were no recipes, just mentions that a thing like that existed. I was left to my own devices to develop a recipe.

The classic elements of mole married so well with pumpkin that it wasn’t long before I had a dish I really loved. However over time the dish somehow fell out of my rotation and I sort of forgot about it.  It was until recently when I was planning my schedule for my monthly cooking classes that I thought about reviving it and adapting it to the Instant Pot.

A chicken recipe that is even better in the Instant Pot

Much to my delight this recipe ends up being even better in the instant pot that it was in the traditional long cook method. The pressure cooker extracts the flavors from the chili and spices in a more robust way and in the end the sauce just tastes better. The chicken remains tender and juicy. This dish could also be made with a pork chop and it would be equally delicious. I have also made this sauce and used it as a gravy for a southwest style turkey dinner. It’s a delicious sauce and there are many ways you can use it to being some spice to your dinner table.

Making Instant Pot Chicken Mole

For various reasons, at times Instant Pot users might get a dreaded burn notice while bringing their recipe to pressure.  Thus, we will follow a specific process with this recipe in order to avoid this problem. We will not be able to simply place everything into the Instant Pot and have it come out right as the pumpkin will trigger the burn notice. 

With my method, you get an intensely flavorful sauce, and get to control the consistency and spices.  Once all the ingredients are added, we then make a final adjustment with salt and sugar to get the flavors just right.

What happens in the is method as we use the 2 Cups of water needed to bring the pot to pressure to make a sauce base. Our onions, garlic and chilies and spices, will cook in this liquid while our chicken sits atop on the trivet. The juices from the chicken will add additional flavor to the sauce. Then after it’s cooked we will add this liquid with our pumpkin to a blender and then adjust final spices.   

Learn to use your Instant Pot

This recipe was debuted at one of my Instant Pot Cooking Classes. My classes are a great way to get out of your dinner time rut and try new and exciting dishes that are easy to make. I love using simple ingredients to make amazing meals that can be ready in minutes. Many of my classes focus on mastering the art of instant pot cooking. Sign up for a free week of classes now.


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