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Red Beans and Rice Recipe | Southern Classic

Red Beans and Rice is a southern classic recipe So often beans are considered a humble, cheap food, but in truth they are filling and comforting, and when prepared correctly, absolutely delicious. Making it in the Instant Pot produces tender, creamy beans in a short time. 

I think it’s important to explore southern food and the history behind the recipes. These recipes are part of our culture and an important part of our regional cuisine. If we don’t embrace these Southern dishes which are arguable the most American food there is, then all we’re really left with for national cosine is a hamburger or hotdog and honestly I think we can do better.

Below you will find a few important considerations

Soaking Your Beans:

Soaking beans 8 to 10 hours before cooking them brings many benefits. It makes them more digestible; in addition, they cook more quickly and more predictably in the Instant Pot. When you soak your beans, make sure to thoroughly rinse them before adding them to the pot. 

While soaking your beans is ideal, this is real life, and sometimes the day gets away from you. If this happens, you have a solution. The Instant Pot comes to the rescue and lets you do a pressure-assisted soak. 

Pork Free Options:

The pairing of pork with beans is used the world over. However, some people, for either religious reasons or personal preference, don’t want to eat pork. They can still enjoy delicious southern red beans and rice by using the pork-free substitutions included in the ingredients list. 

Tips for Cooking Red Beans:

When Covid 19 first began, shelves were sold bare, and there wasn’t a dry bean to be found. But many Americans quickly realized they had no clue how to cook them.  The tips below apply to any method of cooking (Instant Pot, Crock Pot, or stove top):

  • Do NOT salt your beans while cooking. Salting your beans make them tough. Salt your beans once they have finished cooking.
  • Do NOT add vinegar before cooking. Adding vinegar to beans is common in many recipes (including this Southern Red Beans and Rice), but adding the vinegar while cooking can make the beans tough and grainy. 
  • DO season the beans. The beans will absorb flavors from onions, garlic, peppers and spices. These spices will make your beans much tastier.
  • DO cook your beans in broth and not water. This isn’t a rule, but it makes your beans so much better. Personally, I like cooking my beans in pig foot broth, which I make in my Instant Pot.

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