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Cheesy Grits in the Instant Pot

Cheesy Grits are the very definition of comfort food. I developed a special fondness for Shrimp and Cheesy Grits while living in North Carolina for a few years. Even before that though I remember eating grits with my grandfather as a child. They are warm and comforting and absolutely delicious.

Recently we made these in one of my Instant Pot Cooking Classes and they were very popular. The class was full with people excited to make a southern classic.

Easy Cheesy Grits

Grits are not complicated to cook, but they can be very time consuming. You need to stand over the pot and frequently stir for roughly an hour before they are ready. It can be a challenge to make other components of a dish when grits require such intense babysitting.

That’s why I was thrilled when I learned I could make grits in my Instant Pot. Not only does this free me up to work on an entire meal, but the grits come out perfect every time.

Often I make these to go with my low country shrimp and grits, but they are fabulous in a lot of dishes. Cheesy grits and runny poached eggs are an excellent breakfast. They are also really good as a base for roasted fresh vegetables. The options are really endless.

Note: When I recently taught this dish at a cooking class, half the students got a burn notice, but the other half had no issue. I contacted Instant Pot for some guidance on why this happened and they are getting their technical support team in contact. In the meantime, they suggested that if you get a burn notice, add 1 more cup of water per cup of grits. I’m sorry I don’t have a more satisfying answer for this issue. Newer Instant Pots seem to have a bigger variance in sensitivity, and I’m not sure of the reason for this.

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