Gluten Free Scones | Cassava and Almond Flour

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Gluten Free Scones | Cassava and Almond Flour

This recipe for these gluten free scones is shockingly good if you’re a scone lover. Scones are one of those things that can either be heavenly and delightful or can be hard tasteless bricks. I assure you this gluten free scone recipe is buttery and soft on the inside with just a bit of crumbly resistantancn on the outside.

I have very fond memories of fall morning grabbing a freshly baked scone and coffee on the way to catch the train to midtown Manhattan for work. Ever since going gluten free I’ve been on a quest for a good scone recipe and while I’ve gotten close a couple times I haven’t really been excited about any of them till now.

This dough is everything I love about scones. Buttery, crumbly, delicately crusty on the outside and tender on the inside. The texture is so much like a wheat flour scone I would challenged anyone to tell them apart.

Also, this is a really versatile scone dough and can be filled with anything you like.  The ones pictured here are flavored with frozen mixed berries. Some other combinations I love are strawberry and toasted coconut, blueberry and lemon, chocolate chip, cinnamon swirl, or cranberry.  The options are really endless.

For this recipe I mainly use cassava flour and my favorite brand is Otto’s Natural’s. I’ve tried other brands but the taste and texture of Otto’s is my favorite. Because of being sensitive to mold I also appreciate the extra effort they make to ensure they provide a clean healthy product. I also include 1/4 of almond flour which I feel gives that crumbly texture were looking for in a scone. For that reason I think you could substitute another nut flour, but I do not suggest trying it with coconut or other gluten free flours.

There are a few tips to getting good gluten free scones.

  1. Butter Must Be Cold – these little crumbles of cold butter melt first when baking and leave holes in the dough that make it light and fluffy.
  2. Using acid with the baking powder. The use of Buttermilk, yogurt or vinegar activates the baking powder to get a fluffier texture. It cannot be skipped. 
  3. Don’t over work the dough. You wan to keep it shaggy as we say. 
  4. Don’t roll them too thin. You will not get much rise on these. Make them 1.5 – 2 inches thick

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