Vegan Instant Pot Cashew Sour Cream

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Vegan Instant Pot Cashew Sour Cream

If you’re looking for vegan Instant Pot dishes this cashew cream is a crowd pleaser. The Instant Pot and an excellent addition to the vegan kitchen. This recipe is for a vegan Instant Pot sour cream but the same basic steps can be used to make any creamy sauce like a ranch, chipotle cream sauce or tangy lemon sauce.

A vegan Cashew cream is nothing new. Pintrest is littered with all kinds of cashew cheesy like creations. What is different about this recipe is using the Instant Pot.

One thing that all these recipes have in common is the need to soak the cashews is water for 6-8 hours before processing them into a “cream” sauce. Personally I rarely have that kind of foresight. So when I realized you could skip that soak step and pressure cook the cashew instead I was sold! What I also discovered is that pressure cooking makes it better. The result is tastier and creamier and just better. 

So if you are dairy free looking for something to replace a silky sour cream then this recipe just might fill the void dairy has left in your life.

What is also nice about this recipe is the sauce can be used cold in place of a sour cream, or you can heat it and it will brown and become bubbly and resemble melted cheese. It’s very versatile. I often top my Black Bean Enchilada with it and bake them till beautiful and bubbly.

If you would like to learn more about using your Instant Pot for amazing every day dishes check out my Instant Pot Cooking Classes. Sign up for a free week of cooking classes and learn Instant Pot tips and tricks.

Tori Sellon

Tori Sellon

I hope you enjoy the recipes you find here. I'm passionate about developing creative recipes that can be easily followed and enjoyed by all.

I only use real food ingredients and believe organic and clean foods not only make us feel better but taste better too.

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