Arroz Con Pollo in the Instant Pot

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Instant Pot Chicken Rice Recipe | Latin Style

One the the most popular google searches is for Instant Pot Chicken recipes. It seems clear people are looking chicken recipes that are inventive, easy and that work in the Instant Pot.  This recipe is prefect because it’s simple, fast, and is full of wonderful latin flavors.

My Version of Arroz Con Pollo in the Instant Pot

I always associate arroz con pollo (chicken with rice) with summertime. I think it has something to do with the years I spent living in Brooklyn and the memories of latin smells wafting from mom and pop eateries as I walked down the streets. Succumbing to the flavors and surrendering to a plate of slow cooked food and a cold beer was immensely refreshing. For those few moments you didn’t feel like you were in New York, it felt like a small vacation and escape from the oppressive heat and grind of the city.  So all these years later when summer rolls around I still crave those latin flavors.

There are a million different version of Arroz Con Pollo (chicken and rice) scattered throughout Latin America and each have their own take, offering different seasonings and ingredients. I would say this version is a mix of elements I like in both the Cuban and Puerto Rican versions. I love adding briny olives or capers to my arroz con pollo which is traditionally done in Puerto Rico. Personally I use a homemade sofrito that is more cuban in style and feel this is the element that really flavors the dish. This dish really sums of my style of cooking, which is tasting, experiencing, and then borrow the things for multiple dishes to create something slightly unique.

What makes the recipe even more appealing is that we can make it in the Instant Pot and have tender juicy chicken that falls off the bone along with flavorful rice, that all cooks in only a mater of minutes.

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