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Instant Korma
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Instant Pot Indian Korma

One of my students recently told me this is the best instant pot recipe she’s made in our online Instant Pot classes  . We recently made this Indian Korma because people are always asking for more healthy chicken recipes. Even better, this chicken dishes that can easily be made in the Instant Pot. So I knew this was be a sucess and it was.

I love Korma. Korma is the gateway Indian dish. If you have that friend that will never go eat Indian with you because there are sure it’s too spicy, too exotic, give them Korma and they’ll be hooked for life.

What is Korma?

Korma is a creamy and tropical. The dish not usually spicy (although there are some spicy versions out there like Kashmir Korma).

There are 4 different types of Korma from different areas of India. Shahi Korma is served with fried raisins and nuts and a sauce that tends to be more red in color. Ceylonese Korma which has a coconut based sauce is more yellow in appearance. Kashmiri Korma is spicy version made with Kashmir chilis and cooked with pineapple, and there is Mughlai Korma which is made with pistachios and almonds and yogurt as a base.

This recipe is a blend of all these kormas incorporating elements I liked from them all.  For a long time I was in love with Jamie Oliver’s Korma recipe. His addition of the shredded coconut really amped up the flavor in a way I just loved. A few years later I discovered a talented recipe developer, Urvashi from who has an Instant Pot version of Korma that resembles a Ceylones Korma. I decided to combine the two adding my own touches here and there. For example raisins were always added to the Korma I would eat at my favorite Indian restaurant in Brooklyn which is common in a Shahi Korma.  Personally, I find the squeeze of lemon brightens the flavors and bring the taste closer to the Korma I enjoy in my favorite restaurants. This recipe is something I’ve spent a long time developing and hope that you enjoy it.

Chicken Beef or Vegetables

Another nice thing about Korma is you can add just about anything to it. The basic sauce stays the same. It’s common to add chicken or lamb as the protein although I have even seen salmon or shrimp as options. Another popular version only uses vegetables and would be perfect vegan or vegetarian meal.  The options are endless and it’s a very versatile dish.

Tori Sellon

Tori Sellon

I hope you enjoy the recipes you find here. I'm passionate about developing creative recipes that can be easily followed and enjoyed by all.

I only use real food ingredients and believe organic and clean foods not only make us feel better but taste better too.

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