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Instant Pot Tri-Tip Recipe

I would love to teach how to make an Instant Pot Tri tip in one of my Online Cooking Classe but the timing just doesn’t work. It takes an hour to make a tri-tip in the Instant Pot and while this is far faster than traditional tri-tip recipes it’s longer than what works for a cooking class. However this Instant Pot Tri-Tip recipe is so simple and fool-proof you can make it all on your own with fablers results, no need for a cooking class.

The Secret to Fork Tender Tri-Tip

Slowly braised meats are where the Instant Pot really shines. It keeps them moist while cooking and yet cooks them quickly, yielding a fork-tender result. Also all the cooking liquid is retained in the Instant Pot and can be reduced to make an excellent sauce to serve with the Tri-Tip. There is one area however where the Instant Pot is flawed and that’s creating texture and crust on the meat. To remedy this and give the try-tip and nice charred crust, we will be popping the Tri-Tip Roast under the broiler for a few minutes once it’s done cooking. This will give the meat beautiful crust and color to the meat.

Tri-Tip Reduction Sauce

Once the meat is done cooking there will be some lovely flavorful au juis in the instant pot insert. This sauce can be strained and reduced. I absolutely love reduction sauces. Basically they are boiled at high heat and the water evaporates intensifying the flavors in the sauce. Then at the end once the sauce has thickened a nice generous pad of butter is mixed in and it takes on this beautiful translucent color and silky texture. It’s a wonder of culinary science that is just beautiful to behold both in the process of creation and in the enjoyment of tasting.

Not just for Tri-Tip

This same cooking method works for any different types of roasts. Doing the same thing with a large brisket will yield the same stunning results.


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