Einkorn Powerhouse Muffins

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I’m always looking for ways to use my sourdough starter. I feel like it stays healthier when fed more often and not kept in the refrigerator, but feeding it daily grows my starter so quickly, and I just hate throwing out half of it at every feeding.  

This recipe is adapted from the Groaning Muffin recipe by Nourishing Joy. I added a few things and omitted others for a muffin that my family loves and I love feeding them. These muffins are moist and warm and full of fall spices. My favorite part, though, is that they hide a healthy amount of vegetables that my kids don’t notice they’re eating.  

I learned about these muffins at the end of my last pregnancy, and they are an old postpartum traditional food in some cultures. They are full of nutritious ingredients for helping mama recovery after labor. They make an excellent middle-of-the-night nursing snack or on-the-go breakfast.

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