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Make Tonic Water In Your Instant Pot

So when I tell people I’ve made my own tonic water, their faces scrunch into a confused squinty expression and the words “why?” always follow. Well for one reason most store bought tonic waters are full of corn syrup and chemical flavors that are trying to emulate what real tonic water once tasted like. There are some craft tonic waters out there and I will in a pinch use them. However the real answer is: I make my own is because it tastes amazing.

I stated doing this years ago and way back then before the instant pot it was an all day process of cracking spices and slowly simmering them for hours. Now I just dump everything into one pot, hit start and in a matter of minutes I’m done. Because of the high heat and pressure all the wonderful botanical flavors are extracted with little effort or time. So why wouldn’t I make my own tonic water?

Tonic Water Ingredients

This homemade tonic is a little different than what you buy in cans at the store. This is more of an herbal concentrate and will need to be mixed with sparkling water and sometimes more sweetener will need to be added.

Homemade tonic water has all kinds of citrus and spices in the recipe. I always use grapefruit, lemon, lime, and spices like star anise, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, and other exotic spices. However what gives tonic water the signature flavor is Cinchona Bark which contains quinine. A little goes a long way so whatever you order of it can be kept and stored for making up batches of tonic whenever the mood strikes you.


How Long Will it Last?

Since we are essential making a tea here, or an infusion it will not last forever. I recommend storing it for 3-4 weeks. Remember it’s a concentrate added to your drink and then it’s topped with soda water for the light effervescent element you get in commercial tonic water.

The Best Gin and Tonic Recipe

Here’s my recipe for a killer Gin and Tonic.

Cucumber and rosemary muddles in the a shaker


2 oz gin

2 oz homemade tonic

1 oz lime

3/4 oz maple syrup

Stir drink. Stain into a rocks glass with ice. Top with soda water and garnish with a rosemary sprig.

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