Instant Pot Risotto- Butternut Squash and Mushrooms

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Not Stir Instant Pot Risotto

I’m sure that the thought of doing Risotto in the instant pot will send plenty of Italian grandmothers screaming from the kitchen with their hair on fire, but actually it’s pretty damn good.

When we first got married Mr Bon Vivant got me a 100 Risotto cookbook. At the time, I was new to being gluten free and risotto was a safe options at most restaurants and he saw me often order it. I loved the book and cooked many many a risotto in those early years. All that is to say, I know all about the painstaking labor of making a slow cooked risotto. It’s lovely, and it tastes great. It’s a creamy festival of subtle flavors.  Fast forward to now and who has the time to stand at the stove and slowly spoon broth into a sauce and pain and stir until I have carpel tunnel. Most nights at dinner I am holding a child or having one attempt to crawl up my body for the majority of the prep. I need meal to be easy. I need them to be set and forget. I need them to be excellent because I’m a food snob and I don’t eat swill.

Because I’m a food snob I will tell you the truth. Risotto in the instant pot is just as good. I’m serious. There are some things that cooked in the instant pot are not as good and the slow cooked version. The instant pot isn’t for cooking absolutely everything. However when it comes to risotto it is just as lovely, and creamy, and full of extracted flavors, as the it’s slow cooked counterpart. You are missing nothing by taking this shortcut.

One caveate to that is your risotto will only be as good as your bone broth. I highly suggest making your own in the instant pot, but when you can’t make it, I suggest you buy something that is rich and thick. When I can’t make my own I use Boneafide, Presserberry, or another one of those frozen made by grandma brands. (No affiliate or promotions for those statements).




Tori Sellon

Tori Sellon

I hope you enjoy the recipes you find here. I'm passionate about developing creative recipes that can be easily followed and enjoyed by all.

I only use real food ingredients and believe organic and clean foods not only make us feel better but taste better too.

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