Instant Pot Red Velvet Lava Cake-No Food Coloring

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Do you know the history of Red Velvet Cake? Well the truth is there are some holes in the story and no ones the entire story but here is what we do know. Around the time Devil’s Food was developed in the Victorian Era, there was another popular cake called Mahogany Cake. It had a reddish hue because the acidic batter caused a chemical reaction with the non-Dutch processed Coco used in the cake. Fast forward to World War 2 when chocolate was rationed and women started using beets in their cakes. Now if beets are added to a normal cake mix, they color will oxidize while cooking and they will look brown like chocolate. However, if the batter is acidic like in the Mahogany Cake, the red color stays. Hello Red Velvet!  How it grew from housewife desperation to popularity isn’t quite clear. What we do know is that some point Adams Extract Company decided to package a cake with an entire bottle of red food coloring. At this point the original use of beets seems to have been lost to history.

However, beets are amazing in this cake. Not only do they add a beautiful color, but also they keep the cake moist. They flavor is excellent as well. Something about the earthy almost (let’s be honest) dirt like flavor of beets mixes with the chocolate and creates something new, something with depth and tang.



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