Spiced Lamb Bowl with Power Greens – Instant Pot

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I’m not posting this full recipe on my page because it was adapted from www.twosleevers.com She has a lot of wonderful Instant Pot recipes and I highly recommend her site and cookbook. The Sagg recipe that I serve with this dish is my own, but I want to give credit where it’s due. This woman is a wonderful recipe developer and everything I’ve made of hers comes out excellent.

In class I use a Lamb Biryani as a base to a bowl and build on ingredients here. These are the ways the recipe is adapted:

  1. Spices: I found an excellent premixed Biryani Spice mix at my local spice market. I use 2 TBS of this in my recipe instead of her list of spices. Faster!
  2. Because I’m making this for our family with young children I omit the chili. That’s up to you.
  3. I cook my Sagg Power greens at the same time as this Biryani using the pot-in-pot method which I teach in class.
  4. I cut my lamb in small bite sized pieces and cook for 3 min under pressure and wait 10 mins before releasing remaining pressure. This always works perfectly for me
  5. Often I add a can of rinsed chickpeas
  6. I treat this Biryani as a base to bowl and I add lots of fresh ingredients like toasted chickpeas, raita yogurt, pickled onions and the Power Greens

Find the original Biryani recipe here: https://twosleevers.com/instant-pot-kacchi-lamb-dum-biryani/

Tori Sellon

Tori Sellon

I hope you enjoy the recipes you find here. I'm passionate about developing creative recipes that can be easily followed and enjoyed by all.

I only use real food ingredients and believe organic and clean foods not only make us feel better but taste better too.

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