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Coq Au Vin In the Instant Pot

You might be shocked to learn the something fancy and French like Coq Au Vin can be ready in under 30 minutes using the Instant Pot. What is Coq Au Vin exactly? Well translated it means rooster with wine and it’s a very old farmhouse dish. When the farmer was ready and old annoying rooster that had crowed one too many times at dawn was taken, butchered, and soaked in wine for 1-2 days to tenderize the meat. Now days though we’re not killing our own roosters, but we’re buying nice young chickens at the grocery store so the need to soak in wine to tenderize is no longer necessary. However giving the chicken a good long vino bath still makes it very tasty and gives the signature wine stained color to the meat.

Coq Au Vin is just fancy speak for chicken stew

French food has an undeserved reputation for being elitist and sophisticated but in honestly this is  just a chicken stew. It’s bone in chicken meat, vegetables, and a lovely sauce.  Normally it takes a long time to make this because the chicken in marinaded and slowly braised for hours. In the Instant Pot we can turn this all day marathon of a meal into a quick weeknight dinner.

To accomplish this we employ a few tricks to get an all-day taste in just a few minutes. One trick is browning the chicken skin in the broiler after the cooking process. This allows all the juices to flavor the sauce, but we still get beautiful browned meat. The other trick is to make sure we create layers of mature flavors by sautéing mushrooms, onions, and bacon and allowing them to caramelize. We want those lovely brown bits to develop on the bottom of the pot and then deglaze it with wine.  I also highly suggest is marinading it in wine for 2-3 hours prior to cooking. This step isn’t completely necessary but if you have the time it really helps intensify the flavor. Lastly, we thicken the sauce after it’s cooked. Adding thickeners like roux, or cornstarch doesn’t work in the instant pot. It can cause burning and other issues with releasing the pressure correctly. When the Coq Au Vin is almost done we make a roux on the stove top with butter and flour and allow it to cook and this agin develops the flavor. We then add this to the sauce to thicken it.

This is traditionally served with mashed potatoes. Click here for Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes Recipes 


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